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I am Professor of Psychology, Coordinator of the Pre-Law Program (@woffordprelaw), and Director of the new Law, Justice & Innocence Initiative (@woco_justiceandinnocence) at Wofford College.  

I am an experimental psychologist with an expertise in the intersection of psychology and the law. My work is interdisciplinary, integrating principles of cognitive and social psychology, public policy and the law, and criminal justice reform. My research interests include courtroom decision making, the reliability of eyewitness testimony, and vicarious trauma experienced by courtroom decision makers during/after trial. My research examining jurors' judgments about forensic identification evidence was funded by the National Institute of Justice while I was on the faculty at Arizona State University.

Courses I teach include Psychology and Law, Statistics, Social Psychology, and others. I routinely guest lecture at the Wake Forest School of Law collaborate with their Innocence & Justice Clinic. If you are a student interested in doing independent study with me, please contact me.


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